Common Questions

Who. What. When.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes! We do groom by appointment although we occasionally have cancellations that create an opening in our grooming schedule, so for a same-day appointment, please call to see what we have available.  Nail trims are welcome with an appointment during regular business hours and are done while you wait.

At what age should I start having my pet groomed?

It is so important to get your puppy/kitten used to grooming so that s/he can learn to enjoy the process!  We suggest making your first appointment as soon as your pet is adequately vaccinated. (Please follow your veterinarian’s recommendations.) Our goal is to make the experience as stress free as possible, especially with babies!  This means a safe, fun grooming appointment that covers basic hygiene plus whatever actual styling the little one will tolerate.  Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is important for your pet’s health and their comfort.

How long will my pet spend at the salon?

Please expect to leave your pet in our care for 2-3 hours.  Some pets require more time for various reasons.  We are committed to creating a positive grooming experience for your pet and they do best when they have had some ‘downtime’ between the different phases of grooming. It also allows us to adjust our timing if we realize a dog requires some extra attention.  Special-needs dogs and those with more extensive styling requirements may take longer, and we’ll discuss that with you when you check-in and provide an estimated time for pick up.  We (and your pet) appreciate prompt pick up. If scheduling is an issue, please let us know and we can find a solution.

How much does grooming cost?

There are many factors that contribute to pricing in grooming – breed, size, temperament, age, health, amount & condition of coat, and styling preferences, as well as the cost of selected shampoos and other treatments.  We can provide a pretty accurate estimate based on your description when the appointment is scheduled, but we cannot guarantee estimates over the phone.  You are always welcome to drop in during regular business hours for a grooming consultation to confirm actual costs prior to scheduling.  We strive to be as transparent as possible in our pricing.

Can I stay while you groom my dog?

Generally, pets behave better and have a safer, more enjoyable grooming experience when they are not distracted by their ‘parents’ presence. If you have special concerns, we can make accommodations once we meet you and have a chance to get to know your pet and how s/he handles grooming when you are not there. Your dog’s safety while in our care is our top priority.  You may view the grooming process from the parking lot windows, or you may wait in the lobby if you are not comfortable leaving your dog.

Does my dog have to be kenneled?

Again, your dog’s safety is our primary concern while they are in the salon, so we do kennel them.  Our groomers work one-on-one with clients and can’t provide a safe level of supervision for ‘free-range’ dogs. Our wire crates offer visibility and air flow. The dogs are in no danger of overheating and can watch all the activity from the comfort and safety of a secure kennel. Dogs spend a limited amount of time crated, and it is extremely rare for a dog to be uncomfortable in a kennel at City Dogs, and if we do find that your dog is not adjusting to the crate, we will discuss other options with you.

Should I sedate my pet?

No! We do not groom sedated animals. Grooming under sedation should only happen under veterinary supervision.  We have highly trained groomers who have exceptional skills in handling nervous animals as well as technical grooming skills.  Please allow us to evaluate your pet and work on conditioning them to gentle, un-sedated grooming.

What if my dog is afraid of the dryer?

We are committed to the benefits of hand-held (high velocity-not hot) drying for both your dog’s health and appearance. We stand at the table with your dog and make sure they are thoroughly dry. We have several techniques and tools that we use to acclimate dogs to this drying process and find that most dogs relax. Some dogs begin to enjoy the light ‘pressure’ the air produces. If your dog continues to be resistant and/or fearful we will finish drying using towels (cuddle drying) or kennel drying. For your dog’s safety none of our dryers use a heat setting but rely on ambient room temperature and air movement.

Can I request a specific groomer?

Certainly! You are free to request a groomer and we accommodate requests whenever possible. It is notable that the groomers at City Dogs, unlike most shops, are not “independent” contractors. The climate here is very strongly geared toward teaching, sharing information, and providing constructive feedback. Although assigned specific dogs to groom, we all work together as a team to provide the best possible grooming and service to our clients.

What if I’m not happy with the grooming?

Tell us, please! We can usually “fix” the haircut before you leave, but if you would like more extensive changes, call us and we’ll schedule a separate time to “regroom” your dog.  If you’re not happy we’re not happy! Please talk to us.  We can schedule follow-up appointments to address more significant issues. Please let us know within 3 business days so we can promptly discuss your concerns.

Do you groom cats?

Yes! We currently offer full grooming services for cats one day a week.  Please see our cat grooming package.