Happy Dogs / Safe Groomers

City Dogs is committed to creating a safe environment not just for your pets, but for our employees as well.  In service of this goal, we were pleased to welcome Somit, of Prime Sports Institute to educate our staff on body mechanics.

Dogs can be unpredictable: they shake, they jump, they wiggle, and more!  Groomers are regularly lifting 80+ pounds of fluff, calming and securing wiggly or nervous dogs, and doing lots of repetitive motions using their shoulders and wrists — all while standing all day on concrete floors.

So, on February 27th, 2023, Somit instructed employees on human anatomy and how to move with ease to protect our bodies through all the twists and turns (both literal and metaphorical) of grooming.  Staff learned how to hold their spines in a neutral position, how to test their ankle mobility, how to hinge and bend safely, and how to distribute weight throughout their body.  Put together, these techniques make up the mechanics of how to lift dogs safely while protecting our bodies.  Somit also instructed us on how to hold our shoulders and arms to better protect against rotator cuff injuries while doing repetitive grooming motions.

By engaging in this workshop, City Dogs employees learned how to move their bodies safely so that we can not only offer stronger support for our client’s furry family members, but also help keep each other be safe, accountable, and healthy at work.

City Dogs extends a warm thank you to both Somit and to Prime Sports Institute!  To find out more about the work done at Prime, visit www.primebellingham.com.