The Importance of Regular Grooming

It’s tempting to think that your cute domestic dog can keep himself as clean and healthy as a wolf in the wild, but it just doesn’t work that way. If you’ve seen pictures of neglected stray dogs, the first thing you notice is a matted, dirty coat, probably fleas and possibly skin problems.


Double-coated dogs who “blow coat” require thorough brushing, to remove blown coat.  De-shedding allows the coat to function properly to protect the skin and keep your dog comfortable.  One other important thing to remember is that a professional groomer may notice skin changes or sores (hot spots) that you might have missed.  City Dogs aims to support you in maintaining your dog’s skin and coat health.


Everyone wants their precious pooch to look their best, but don’t wait to have grooming done just for special occasions. Regularly scheduled appointments are easier on your dog. Both long and short-haired breeds have individual needs that require lots of attention. Grooming guarantees there are less mats, ears are kept clean, and importantly, toenails are clipped. So, regular grooming doesn’t just keep their coat glossy, trimmed and neat, but a good groomer will keep their toenails just the right length.


Brushing regularly at home is a bonding experience for you and your dog! S/he feels good and so do you. From the moment you adopt your pup grooming will be a soothing experience for you both and makes it easy to accomplish later when they’ve grown up. Having a professional groomer involved ensures that unnoticed little mats are cared for and a regular bath with the right shampoo, in a special dog-washing tub, can be a pleasant ritual. You will enjoy a cleaner, fresh smelling dog and s/he will appreciate the attention. In addition, your dog will get used to being around other dogs, even in kennels, and will socialize more easily. Make grooming a positive experience and choose a groomer who treats your dog like the special pup s/he is, and everyone will be happy.